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    Our Address:
    Kings Toll Garage
    Maidstone Road
    TN12 7HA

    Mike Noakes

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    Saab DPF Service Centre offering Saab Diesel Particle Filter Replacement Saab DPF cleaning, at our Saab Service Centre. We are your local Saab Specialist for Kent, East Sussex, Canterbury and the Medway Towns.We are Conveniently located just off the A21 between Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge near Pembury, and within an easy drive of Maidstone and the Medway Towns.

    Saab Diesel DPF,Particulate,or Particle, Filter.

    The Saab DPF or diesel particulate filter, is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. Saab DPF

    A method exists to clean the filter. This is known as “filter regeneration”and is designed to automatically burn off the accumulated particulate matter. This occurs on motorway-type runs when the exhaust temperature becomes high enough start the regeneration process and thus ignite the soot particles.
    A surprisingly large number of people don’t take their cars anywhere near a motorway so passive regeneration is only going to be possible very occasionally. We have found the problem has mainly been occurring in cars that are driven short distances such as school runs etc. As a result the car never really gets hot enough for the cars systems to initiate the automatic regeneration process that cleans the filter. The result is that the filters become blocked, the “check engine “ light comes on and there is a gradual loss of power.

    Free Saab DPF condition assessment.

    If you have any reason to be concerned about the condition or efficiency of your Saab DPF,Saab Dash often indicated by the "check engine" light, or message on your dash SID display.

    Here at Motorvation Saab we will use out Saab Tech2 diagnostics computer to analyse the condition of the Particle Filter, and EGR valve. This will enable us to advise you of a remedy.

    We will do this FOR FREE !
    To book an appointment, please call us on 01892 825208.

    Saab DPF Cleaning and Replacement.

    In most cases we can carry out a manual regeneration using out our Saab Tech2 computer.Saab DPF Clean Occasionally the filter is so blocked that we have to resort to a full chemical DPF clean to restore the filter to a fully operational state. Occasionally the Diesel Particle filter is damaged and must be replaced.

    As always we will keep you fully informed before carrying out any works.
    When we are authorised to carry out repairs or servicing to your car we will always call you to discuss any issues that may arise during the work and discuss any extra work that may be necessary or advisable.

    © Motorvation Saab Motorvation Saab.


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